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Welcome to My Scrapspiration!
Thanks for dropping by my crafty haven; my space for all things craft and scrap inspired!
I'm a Malaysian of Chinese descent living in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. I’ve always loved creating beautiful things but I’ve only discovered my love for paper crafting in 2011 when I decided to quit my ten-year career as a marketer and be a stay-at-home-mum. Yup, we were blessed with our beautiful bouncy Lucas back in September 2010 (he is coming to 17 months as at Feb 2012!). In the course of my career previously, I've worked on amazing brands and I've created beautiful campaigns, when I found myself 'jobless' and lost my platform to get creative, my need to create was satisfied with this new found love for paper crafting. Well, I tried baking but that just made me fat! It's a good thing I can't eat my scrap layouts!  I love the dynamism and boundless creativity that comes with paper crafting. Let me also add that I'm a happy camper as my dear hubby is very supportive of my crafting and further complements my work with his amazing photography.
Some of my favorite techniques are distressing, misting and layering. I love adding flowers, pearls and glitter for that shabby-glam touch. There are endless resources and motivations out there and we can draw inspirations and ideas from anyone and anything. I believe one’s creativity is only limited by the boundaries of one’s own imagination so we should constantly challenge ourselves.
A true bibliophile at heart and a shameless foodie, when I’m not busy crafting, you will find me immersed in a book or trying out new food with the hubs.
I’m delighted to share my journey because life is beautiful and unique and should be preserved as an expression of art. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, meanwhile do drop me a note or comment or suggestion; I’d love to learn from you too.



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