Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby 6 x 6 Mini Album Gift

I'd like to share one of my FIRST commissioned project to create a mini album as a gift for a baby's full moon celebration (note: in our Chinese culture, a baby's first month is celebrated as a very important event).

For this project, I used American Craft's 6 x 6 ring binder album which comes with 10 protective sheets so it's more practical for the recipient and it offers more protection when the album is passed around among the relatives to view.

Oops the alphas seems to be crooked and coming off in this picture (sorry!!!), don't worry though, I rectified and reinforced them with some extra adhesive after I noticed that heehe, I just didn't manage to retake the photo as it's now in it's box on it's way to a new owner. The cover is part canvas (blue) and part paper. I opted for a cheerful and simple design for the front.

The versatile ring binder album, side view, inside view and back view. This album offers alot of flexibility for the recipient to toy around with or make changes or to add more pages etc.

There are several themes and color schemes within the album, each theme is paired within a double-page-spread as seen here. The top-most left corner image is a combination of the FIRST and LAST page which is matched to the cover of the album. Please forgive me if I won't go into detail of supplies and materials used as you can imagine it will be really LONG and tedious!
Thanks for looking! Have a lovely Sunday!


Blossom inch said...

beautiful album...and i am sure they will like it.

Marina said...

Thanks Yuz! It's my first time making something like this. Quite challenging but fun all the same :)

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