Saturday, December 17, 2011

ATCs - Last Batch for the Year!

I've been working on these since November, finally completed the lot yesterday :)

This is my latest batch; The Scarlet Letter series. They are white canvas which are spray-misted on a mask. Then they are stamped and decorated with various embellishments.
There are 8 cards in this series.

I also made this batch yesterday, this is my Inky Blooms series. Similar to the Scarlet Letter series, they are white canvas which are spray-misted on a mask followed by stamping in different colors. Buttons are hand-stitched onto the canvas. There are 7 ATCs in this series.

This is another canvas series; Blooming Phrases; which I made in November, there are 3 ATCs from this series. They are canvas painted with acrylic and decorated with felt leaves, brads and buttons.

Next are 2 series with 2 ATCs each; Sophie and Mehndi. Sophie are the 2 pink and grey cards, they are just simple girly designs. Mehndi cards comprise fussy cut elements overlaid on a glittery tulle fabric.

The last 4 cards are random, there are from no particular collection or series. Just sudden inspirations which hit me and here they are;
4 random ATCs
My personal favorite. Hand-stitching, fussy cutting and doodling.

This ATC here is super special; made this during the week of my birthday last month :) A tribute to the year of my birth, note the oh-so-SEVENTIES hippie hypercolor yarn :) And torn book paper made into a medal, signifies my love for reading.

A tribute to my birth year :)

That's it for now, these are my precious ATCs! Hope my swap buddies will like them *fingers crossed*

Happy weekend everyone!


Amelia Khalik said...

There are all gorgeous!!! Love em to bits! :)))

Lean said...

o yes the will love them they are so sweet and colorful!

Blossom inch said...

love them all...cantek beb! see you tomorrow

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