Saturday, December 24, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Thankful

Another year is almost over and a new one is just around the corner. Christmas is so wonderfully placed at the end so we can all close the year well with gift-giving and spending time with our loved ones. I guess most of you are still busy with your year-end holiday crafting of cards and gifts...and I hope all your shopping, baking, wrapping and party planning are going well according to plan :)

For me personally, Christmas is much more of a time to reflect on the real Reason for the Season, where a Savior was born in a manger 2000 years ago so He could be Lord of our lives evermore. I take the opportunity of this blessed season to be thankful for that and for all the wonderful blessings through the year.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.  
Luke 2:11

So in  the spirit of the season, I hope you will indulge me and allow me to share some festive pics...

This Santa wannabe here is Mr Wooloomooloo, my bedtime buddy, I can't sleep without him hehe. This photo was actually taken 2 years back. I was alot more industrious with Christmas decor etc before the baby came along hehe.

I always try baking something special over the past few Christmases (again, before baby came along!) These were some jam cupcakes I made for one of my elaborate Christmas eve dinners. This year, everything is store bought and we're eating OUT! LOL!

Well, alas, I'm sad to say we're not even putting up a tree this year cos Lucas is in his WALKING and PULLING DOWN EVERYTHING stage so a big tree full of shiny ornaments is a major baby hazard! Unlike previous years, I won't be whipping up a massive feast either LOL! I guess Lucas and my scrap work has taken way too much out of me. Perhaps next year... who knows... :)

Oh here's one more; it's a pic of my dad (in red) and hubby trying to carve a turkey LOL. I just love reminiscing past Christmas memories :)

Anyway, I have much to be thankful for this Christmas, the highlight of my year is definitely my new venture into the world of crafting and scrapbooking which started early this year. I never would have imagined a simple exercise to make a baby album would lead me this far and unearth this hidden 'ability' to put paper and glue together which I never knew I had. I praise the good Lord for that :) Also, this lil' hobby of mine has brought me many wonderful friends and fellow crafters. I've made really good friends who are supportive, encouraging, inspiring and simply just WONDERFUL! Thank you amazing and talented fellow crafters, artists, scrappers and cardmakers for generously sharing your works of art, your techniques, your tutorials, your sources and supplies, EVERYTHING! And a special shout out to my ATC swap buddies *kiss*kiss* I'm just so blessed and I hope and pray you will have a lovely holiday and a joyous bright New Year ahead! :)

Blessed Christmas and tidings of comfort and joy to all! 
And to all a happy new year!



Blossom inch said...

Hi! Marina

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! kiss kiss and hope to see you again soon for the next ATCs swap on the 2nd week of Jan. Glad you had an awesome Christmas celebration with the family. Hugs

Sandy Ang said...

Coming over from Scrappin Studio to say a big Congrats !

Wishful Thinking said...

Congrats for making the Scrappin Studio DT :-) Look forward to seeing your creations.

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